Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Entry 15 - The Feminism makeup

What's feminism ?

Feminism is a ideology that defence female gender rights and also to empowered female inequality in the society. 

Feminism makeup ?

While i was thinking, why females put makeup ? Is that just because to get attraction or to just to become more beautiful ? After a deeper research, make up is not just being beautiful.  ?  But somehow this had created a conflict that people often say that woman with makeup are an anti- feminism. I would to have a argument to said, people often say that wearing a makeup is to appeal for man, while research shows that men prefer "natural" instead of makeup, i don't see how makeup are anti feminism action though while feminism are more that what you put on face. Feminism is an ideology to express their self, if wearing a make up could make you more confident why not? 

Why woman even bothered to put makeup ? 

 Wearing makeup is not a chose and it is to please men, but is a self esteem to myself. While makeup for woman are like a painting on a canvas, it become an art and turning something beautiful. 

Which part that determine a women to be feminism.

Lipstick feminism is so called the "third wave feminism". Some feminist they believe that lipstick feminism are a way of archiving equal right for woman but also a dilemma of displays in sexuality. 

While i do agree that woman putting make up aren't a anti feminism action, while putting make up is a way of increasing the self esteem, while the so call "feminism" that thinks woman wearing make up are anti feminism, how do they called them feminism where that they don't even have the courage to express them self how could they even fight for their own rights??


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